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Lost and Found



This page is the Fellfarers equivalent of e-Bay or Freecycle, where members can buy and sell items, or offer and request items to swap. For instance, members with children may wish to swap wellies or boots of different sizes. We can also include any items lost or found at High House. Any items not found, sold, or claimed within 6 months will be deleted, and anything that has been found and not claimed after 3 months will be sold at the AGM.
To post an item, please e-mail Hugh Taylor with the details.


Article Description Contact Details Date Posted
Found at High House -
A member has handed Roger a Yellowstone head torch which he took away from High House believing it was his. On unpacking at home he found he had two torches and realised his mistake. Does anyone know who it belongs to?
Roger Atkinson
01539 732 490
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