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News Archive -


Note: As the Fellfarer is now available on-line, this page will be used as an Archive of old news only.
The Guardian - See Tony Greenbank's article on the Club and High House in the Guardian Country Diary for November 9th. .

November -
The Rain! 21 Nov - The Environment Agency said on Friday that their "gauging station at Seathwaite Farm recorded 314.4mm over 24 hours until 00.45 this morning – a record for England." That's over 12 inches!!!
The group who should have stayed over the weekend couldn't get down the valley. Inspection on Saturday morning revealed that High House was OK. The track had suffered water damage but was passable with care in a saloon car. The pipe bridge was blocked, causing the beck to overflow onto the track, with the prospect of further rain making the situation worse.
23 Nov - A small work party visited on Tuesday and managed to unblock the pipes and dig out a lot of the gravel filling the beck. The flood has now receded, though the track still needs care when driving up it.
See the Gallery for some photos, and also a story about the last time there was a lot of rain in the country!

June -
Members can now book High House mid week for £60 per night. See High House Bunkhouse page

March -
We have arranged with Coniston Corporate UK Ltd for special 75th Anniversary fleeces to be produced, so see Club Documents for an order form and send it off to Bill Hogarth asap.
Following on the very successful ceilidh, the 75th Anniversary celebrations continue with a big party at High House over the May Day weekend, May 1 - 3. As there will be lots of people wanting to stay for this event, booking a bed is essentail with Peter Goff, and sorry but its members only. No booking, no bed!

February -
There are only a few tickets left for the ceilidh on Feb 28, so ring Clare on 01539 727531 for a ticket.
Late News - This event is a now a sell-out.
The request for information on the club for the forthcoming 75th celebration book is now on the BMC web site, and may be in the next issue of their Summit magazine.
Lost Property: A visiting group has left some books at High House recently. If you think they are yours, please contact Hugh Taylor.

January -
The Gallery has now been updated with photos from the end of last year.
High House over the w/end Feb 6-8 has been booked by OREAD and they extend an invite to K Fellfarers to come and join them. Contact Hugh Taylor.
Members can now book High House mid week for £60 per night. See About the Club.
The Availability status of High House may now have a symbol added when booked by groups. A 'C' means that children will be present in the group visiting, so members need to assess whether this is an issue for them.
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