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Gallery 2019 - October

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall


Mick, Kevin, Norman, and Hugh, enjoyed a week walking in Greece focusing on an ascent of Mount Olympus at 2,918m. The first couple of days were spent exploring the rock formations and monasteries in Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They then transferred to Litochro at the foot of Olympus and spent three nights on the hill before returning.

Mick, Kevin, and Norman checking out the conglomerate rock pillars with monasteries on top.
The Megalo Meteoro monastery.

The group on top of one of the very exposed pillars

From left to right: Ivo (guide), Kevin, John, Sarah, Pauline, Mick, Rick, and Norman

A tortoise seen in the undergrowth
From Litochro, there was an ascent of 1,040m to the Spilios Agapitos Refuge (Refuge A) at 2,100m, where there was an amazing sunrise.
From Refuge A, its a 1,200m ascent to the summit of Olympus.
Norman,Kevin, Hugh, and Mick on the summit top of Skala at 2,882m
Mick, Kevin, Norman, and John led by Ivo on the exposed scramble up to Mytikas at 2,917m, the actual summit of Olympus
A photo from Mick with his comments -
The descent of the Kakoskala ridge (polite translation: Evil Stairs) - best done facing in - on the way to the ascent of the Mytikas couloir.
The group returning from Mytikas
A close up of the photo above. Kevin says - I'm wearing a green jacket with a red helmet and John is immediately behind me, also wearing a red helmet.  Norman is just in front of me and Mick and Ivo are below and to the left.  There is a roped party a little further below and one of them is also wearing a green jacket but has a white helmet.  I believe that the guide in that party is the husband of the manager of Refuge A.
The next two photos are from Mick, with his comments -
The guided team ahead of us - descending the couloir on their backsides, despite being held on a rope by their guide. No Fellfarers suffered such indignities
The re-ascent of Kakoskala, an ascent that somehow reminded me of The Imposter on the Clach Glas/Blaven ridge.

From Skala, its a descent of 600m followed by a wonderful contouring line under the peaks of Skala, Mytikas, and Stefani to the Kakkalos Refuge (Refuge C) at 2,700m situated on the Plateau of the Muses.
Taking in the spectacular views at Refuge C , a small refuge with about 20 beds upstairs in cramped conditions, but lovely, cosy, and warm downstairs.
The view from the chapel on a nearby hill, looking down to a Refuge currently closed due to a lack of water, with the spectacular rock face of the Throne of Zeus to the left. The path back to Refuge A traverses the slope below this.
Kevin, Mick, Norman, and Hugh, with the throne of Zeus behind
On the Glencoe meet for 2018, it was noted that the Kingshouse Hotel was being re-developed. It opened in February 2019, and Angie and Hugh called in for coffee on their return from Arisaig.
We have lovely Autumn colours at the moment. This superb photo of Rose East was taken by Paul East near Tarn Hows.

Away meet in Rhyd Dhu, North Wales

Mick, Clare, Jan, Kevin, Norman, Jenny

Three days of some classic routes. On Tuesday the group ascended Tryfan via the north ridge. Wednesday saw them drive over to Cwm Croeser to walk up Cnicht, the 'Welsh Matterhorn'. Thursday saw Jan and Kevin walk part of the Nantile Ridge
From left to right: Jan, Jenny, Clare, Kevin, Norman, Mick

Tryfan via the north ridge

Norman on the 'cannon'
On the summit with Adam and Eve
Looking back at Tryfan and its north ridge from Ogwen


Approach to Cnicht


Approaching the summit of Cnicht
On the summit, its lovely triangular shape giving way to a ridge
Looking back at Cnicht from valley head beyond Llyn cwn-y-foel
Old quarry buildings at Bwlch Cwmorthin
Looking back up the Croesor Valley to Cnicht


Part of the Nantile Ridge from Rhyd Dhu


The first snows of the winter fell on Saturday October 27

Dun Fell.
From Helen Whittaker, Charlie Birketts ex wife.
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