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Gallery 2019 - April

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
Up the mid 1970's, K Shoes had a company magazine called Eyelet, edited by John Watton who had been the camp artist in Colditz during WW2. It was eventually cut as a cost saving measure.
Here are two articles with Fellfarer connections. The elder boy on the right is our very own Peter Goff.

First evening walk, and first climbing for all outdoors

Both groups met up in the main Warton Quarry car park.
The walking group of Peter, Krysia, David, Frank, Tina, Irene, and Graham set off led by Peter for a walk around Warton crag and environs. The climbing group consisting of Mick, Val, Kevin, Hugh, Norman, and Harry walked to Stile Buttress and PinnacleCrag to climb a variety of routes.
A gloriously red sunset saw both groups head back to the car park and onto the Malt Shovel for a lovely pint of Detention brewed by the local Old School Brewery.

Mick belaying Val, with Kevin to one side
Val belaying Kevin
Hugh at Pinnacle Crag

Easter at High House

Maja reports - I counted 48 names in the visitors book over the Easter weekend - it was a brilliant weekend in the sunshine with many walks, bike rides, visits to local hostelries and evenings round the camp fire.
The photos below are from Joan, with more on FaceBook.

A beautiful 'blood' moon
We're going to be needing a larger car park at this rate.
With the long spell of dry warm and sunny weather, the Runner beck is nearly dried out .
Another great evening round the camp fire
And one from Norman showing Great Gable and Sprinkling Tarn from Glaramara

Mid-week Walk from Clapham

On the last day of the superb spell of dry and warm weather experienced over Easter, Mike Wilson led 17 Fellfarers on a 10 mile walk from Clapham to Feizor and back. With rain forecast to arrive at 4pm, the group set off through the tunnels (to protect the view from Ingleborough Hall), and along Thwaite Lane before branching off towards and under Robin Proctor Scar. A lovely path led down and onto Crummack Lane where the group tuned north.
Then down the lane and across the ford where the clapper bridge was used, and into the hamlet of Wharfe. Lunch was taken on Wood Lane, and the hamlet of Feizor reached where Elaine's delightful cafe was visited for tea and cake. The return was made via Feizor Nick and the beautiful display of flowers in Feizor Woods and Oxenber Woods - definitely worth visiting again. Then down into Austwick and across the fields back into Clapham .
And the rain? Well it arrived at 4pm just as the group arrived back at Clapham. Excellent timing Mike, and a lovely walk.

The group at the start, from left to right:Tony, Sue, Clare, Val, Graham, Les, Sam, Elaine, Irene, Kevin, Mick, Mike, Frank, David, Roger, Colin, with Hugh taking the photo

Crossing the ford on the clapper bridge

Tea and cake at Elaine's cafe in Feizor.
The beautiful Oxenber woods ,with carpets of bluebells, primroses, wood anemones, and cowslips.
Dropping down from Oxenber Woods, with Wharfe in the centre and Moughton Fell/Long Scar behind, and Crummackdale in the distance on the left.
Graham and Tony enjoying a good natter on the way back from Austwick through the fields.

Cycling for All

A report from Roger - Despite the patchy weather three hardy (foolhardy?) cyclists turned up, meeting at the end of a prolonged heavy shower, and decided to give it a go. This turned out to be a wise choice. We extended the planned ride a little, had an excellent coffee stop at the Old Post Office in Beetham, and were home before the next serious shower hit. A lucky break!


A lovely photo from Norman of Bowfell from Eagle Crag/Sergeants Crag, with the Great Slab glistening in the damp sunny conditions.

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