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Gallery 2019 - February

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
The cold weather continued into February giving great days on the fells. Here is one from Norman on Coniston Old Man, looking to the Scafell range.

Mid-week Walk - Wild Boar Fell from Ravenstonedale (not)

With strong winds and damp weather forecast on the tops, and wet weather occurring at the start, Kevin made the wise decision to go for his low level option and leave Wild Boar Fell for another day. After Roger had realised that he'd forgotten his boots and had to walk in his trainers, and Maya had forgotten her waterproof jacket and had to borrow a spare one, the thirteen members set off from the Fat Lamb Inn just outside Ravenstonedale.
Heading west through muddy fields, the group soon hit a minor road at Arthegarth and headed south west over the shoulder of Harter Fell. Just short of Adamthwaite, the route veered off onto a bridleway which led through Sprintgill to the A683. Crossing this, Kevin led up to Dovengill and the minor tarmac road that headed north. This was soon left to ascend onto the curiously named Fell End Clouds (so called because of the limestone rocks scattered about?), where lime kilns and mining activity was seen. The various channels in the vicinity were created by extracting minerals, mainly lead, from the exposed veins. The delightful walk continued along the ridge over Stennerskeugh Clouds before dropping down onto the old bridleway and into Stennerskeugh itself. A slight diversion was made to see the Folly in Hwith House grounds - see below.
The Fat Lamb was soon reached, and a drink inside rounded off what turned out to be an interesting walk despite the weather. Thank you Kevin.
Due to the poor weather, not many photos were taken, so two of the photos below were taken from the internet.

Norman adds - The name Stennerskeugh is odd. In 1770 it was written Stenhouseskers. Stenhouse could be ' stone house', and skews or sceugh means 'woodlands'. ....possibly.

At the start, from left to right: Maya with Bob, Ruth, David, Kevin, Les, Frank, Mick, Clare, Jan, Norman, Roger, and Jenny, with Hugh taking the photo.

Lunch was taken in a shelter near Dovengill. Make your own seat from the gate, or bring in stones from outside. At least it was a good shelter from the rain.
The group examining the mine workings on the Fell End Clouds , with the 'conspicuous' tree in the centre.
Looking along the limestone ridge to the escarpment of Stennerskeugh Clouds
(Photo taken from the internet)

The Folly - This is a remnant of Hwith House that was demolished in 1927. It was a fine house built in 1868 by John Hewetson, who gave it its strange name composed of the initials of the first names of his five sons.
(Photo taken from the internet)

A lovely display of Snowdrops in Stennerskeugh outside a deserted house.
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