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Gallery 2018 - August

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

100th Mid-week Walk - Duddon Valley

The lovely sunny and warm weather that the whole country has been experiencing since May finally broke, and the 100th mid-week walk was a rather damp affair. Norman writes -
We met at Birks Bridge in the Duddon Valley, and walked on a good track to Grassguards Farm and then followed the old track down past Wallowbarrow Crag to High WallowBarrow Farm, which, interestingly, was built with local rocks containing some red colouring ( possibly haematite). Then on to the river where we had lunch. Some light rain on the way had stopped and we enjoyed lunch by the river in spate. Then onward to the Newfield Inn where some refreshment was taken with a toast to the 100th midweek walk. Afterwards, we followed a track through the fields and then an ascending track to Seathwaite Tarn. The mist prevented a good view, but we could see how extremely low was the water level. We followed a feint track to descend from there, and back to Birks car park. We'd had no more rain until then, and the moment we arrived, the heavens opened.  Good timing!

Below on Birks bridge, from left to right: Roger, Mike, Jenny, Norman, Sue, Jan, Mick, with Tony taking the photo.

At the 'red' farm.
Lunch by the Duddon
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