K Fellfarers - the outdoor club for people in south Cumbria

Gallery 2018 - June

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
A puzzle from Roger who asked if any member could identify the plaque below left.
Mick identified it as being by the road above Loch Tulla and is built with 795 stones, one from the summit of every Munro and Munro top.

Evening walk around Silverdale

With the lovely warm and sunny weather continuing into June, seven members met up at Woodwell in Silverdale for a short walk round the wells of Silverdale hoping to find some orchids. Peter led the group over The Lots to Eaves Wood, returning via The Row and Burton Well where the Ladies Slipper orchid was over. The return to Woodwell was via Scot Wood - below - where the only orchids seen were Common Spotted. The evening was rounded off with drinks in the ever quirky Woodlands Hotel with beer at £2.70 a pint. Thanks Peter for another interesting walk.

Below from the left: Fred, Margaret, Jean, Val, Roger, and Peter, with Hugh taking the photo.


European Camping meet - Chartreuse region of France

Numbers were slightly down on last year, with eight members and friends visiting the Chartreuse region of France, staying on the campsite at St. Martiniére.

Below from left to right: Jenny, Clare, Sue, Tony, Irene, Graham, Mick, with Norman taking the photo.

The now dry cave, above the waterfalls on the cliffs at St Meme
Descending from the cave; a tricky part of the path
Starting across the huge rock face of Charmant Som.
Lunch on the path on the face of Charmant Som
Descending from the summit of Chamechaude, cable assisted
Looking back at the summit area of Chamechaude.
Chamechaude in the evening from the campsite at St. Martiniére
Grand Som, one of the peaks ascended in Chartreuse with the help of a cabled route.
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