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Gallery 2016 - December

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Myers Ferguson, a member of K Fellfarers since 1941, died in November. Below is an obituary from the Westmorland Gazette.

The club Chairman, Roger Atkinson, writes of Myers -
As well as being a very active Fellfarer Myers, along with many others, did a huge amount of work at the Hut when members  did most of the work at High House except for occasional professionals from the K Shoes factory maintenance team. The most obvious jobs he was responsible for which are still visible are the original  electric wiring when we moved on from Calor Gas lighting, and the stone wall behind the Common Room stove, stripped of it’s plaster one evening on the basis “It won’t need painting again”. He also did a lot of work encouraging young members: he took me up Needle Ridge, my first rock climb. He was always at the front of an evenings entertainment at High House either with an outrageous tale, a practical joke or leading a song. Having said all that, he would also keep us youngsters in order.

Joan Stockdale has also died. Roger Atkinson writes -

Joan, a life member of Fellfarers, died on 23rd of September in Yorkshire where she had recently moved to be near her daughter Christine. Joan was for many years an active member of the club taking part in and helping to organise many events both at High House and in Kendal, her “elbow grease” at Working Weekends is still a subject of legend among older members. Along with her husband Bill Joan enjoyed many days roaming the Lakeland fells, and hills further afield, always a strong walker, as she needed to be, as she and their dog Fleet would often be led by Bill on one of his famous “short cuts”, these generally involved the shortest but steepest route to a summit. My favourite personal memories of Joan are of fun filled evenings of chat and laughter at High House and of Joan teaching the many children who were often there card games, always noisy and accompanied by shrieks of delight.

Midweek Walk and Christmas lunch - A Short Walk on Spy Crag
A disappointingly damp day (as per last year!) after the lovely spell of weather we had been experiencing for this final daytime walk of the year. After coffee in Wilfs, the group walked up through Craggy Woods and skirted the minor top of Spy Crag. Then down to Littlewood Farm, and back to the car park in Wilfs Yard via Scroggs Lane. (Scroggs - a Scots word meaning small tree or large bush).
Lunch was taken in the Watermill at Ings (the Eagle and Child had no electricity due to work on the new bridge) where the walkers were joined by Val and Colin Hunter, and Jean and Fred Underhill.

From left to right - Clare, Irene, Margaret Atkinson, Graham, Steve, Val, Margaret , Pete, Ellie, Frank, Angie, Sue, Jenny, Roger, Norman, Mick, with Hugh taking the photo

Walking through the ever delightful Craggy Woods.
Graham re-finding his youth on the rope swing

Lunch in the Watermill at Ings

A lovely photo from Roger of the end of the longest day
A busy time at High House over the new year as usual.
Here are some members on the road between Seathwaite and Seatoller.

This one taken in the back bar of the Scafell Hotel.
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