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Gallery 2016 - January

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Annual Glencoe Meet
K Fellfarers - Mick, Alan, Mel, Hugh, Graham, Veronica, and Frank
Bassetlaw MC - Charles, Adam

Much better weather than last year, and another decent turn out, meant a good weekend. An added bonus was a party on the Saturday night after the pub (complete with two cakes - thanks Chris and Clare) to help celebrate Hugh's 70th birthday.

Hugh, Mick, and Alan visited the Falkirk Wheel on the way up (well worth a stop) whilst the others came straight up. All came through snow flurries that blocked the outside lane.
Three parties set out on a decent Saturday morning: Mel, Charles, and Adam attempted Stob Coire Sgreamhach and Bidean via Beinn Fhada: Mick, Alan, and Hugh set off for Meall Mor to add to their Graham and Marilyn count: and Frank and Graham ascended the Buachaille in good conditions.
A (loud) blues band in the Clachiag bar in the evening made a change from the usual one man guitarist.

A good weekend, and roll on the next one!

The Falkirk Wheel. Well worth a visit, but make sure its open to ensure you see it working
Saturday morning - from near the Clachaig. Mick zoomed in on the Aonach Eagach.
Hugh and Alan having a brew in the middle of crossing the Allt na Muidhe and before starting to ascend Meall Mor
Alan on Meall Mor, a Graham, looking across to the other Graham, Sgorr a Choise.


Whiteout conditions on Beinn Fhada

See here for a short video by Adam


Saturday night in the Clachaig. From left to right: Mel, Alan, Mick, Frank, Veronica, Graham, Adam, and Charles.

Its all getting too much for some. The end of a long day on the hill for the older ones, but not for the younger one. Adam looks on as Mel & Charles sleep during Hugh's 70th party in the chalet.
Mel on Sgorr na Ciche (Pap of Glencoe) with the Corbett Garbh Bheinn to the right



Midweek walk - The Quarries of Tilberthwaite. 
Sue & Tony, Irene & Graham, Roger, Mick, and Hugh

On a superb day, ideal for visiting the fell tops, Hugh had chosen a walk that included underground sections. Hmm..never mind.
Meeting up at Low Tilberthwaite car park, the group first visited Tilberthwaite Deep Level Adit (also known as the Horse Level) which passes below Tilberthwaite Gill and deep under the hillside to the Tilberthwaite or Three Kings Mine almost a kilometre away. Norman Bell recently showed this to Hugh when he had come across it after seeing Mike Mitchell with a group digging it out. Worth a club trip underground sometime perhaps?
Then back to the cars, and over the Knotts for some superb snowy scenery. Going into the dark passages of Cathedral Cave was a shock after the brilliant sunlight of Little Langdale, but the majesty of the surroundings made up for it. Many people don't realise that going though Cathedral Cave leads to an easy scramble up into an open quarry, from where a 400 long passage (head torches needed) leads out into Tilberthwaite. Lunch was had in the open, and then onto Hodge Close via Stang End. Descending into Parrock Quarry leads to a promontory into Hodge Close. Then back to the car park followed by tea in Coniston.

As Irene said afterwards - It is amazing however much we think we know the Lake District we often end up on "Virgin Territory".
Descending into Little langdale, with Pike O'Stickle showing in the distance
The pillar in Cathedral Cave
Inside Cathedral Cave looking up to the Window
The quarry after scrambling up from Cathedral Cave, with the Window behind Irene and Graham.
Looking through the Window back into Cathedral Cave
Inside the 400ft long passage.
Near the exit of the long passage

Lunch time in the snow and the sun after exiting the long passage. The exit can be seen between Sue & Mick.
From left to right: Tony, Sue, Mick, Roger, Graham, Irene.

Mick telling a good story at the junction between Parrock Quarry and Hodge Close Quarry. Even Sally the dog is listening!

From left to right: Irene, Graham,Hugh, Sue, Mick, and Roger

Looking out of Parrock Quarry at a vapour trail

Held at the Kendal Rugby Club as the Duke of Cumberland was drying out after the recent floods.

30 members attended the AGM and the following now make up the new committee -
Chairman - Roger Atkinson
Secretary - Clare Fox
Treasurer - Val Calder
High House Booking Secretary - Hugh Taylor
Social Secretary - tbc
Newsletter Editor - Mick Fox
Committee Members - Laura Walsh, Robert Walsh, Maja While, Vicky Atkinson, Peter Blamire

The meeting was followed by the annual photographic competition, with the winners shown below.

At the start of the meeting
Members scoring the photos in the photographic competition
Laura and Joan adding up the scores prior to announcing the winners

Winner of the Wild Life category, submitted by Irene and Graham Ramsbottom


Winner of the Humourous Category, submitted by Jean and Fred Underhill


Winner of the Club Event category submitted by Clare Fox
Club walk from Sizergh (second attempt) in August

Winner of the Favourite Holiday category submitted by Mick Fox
Taken in November on Madeira
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