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Gallery 2015 - December

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Mid-week Walk and Christmas Lunch - ‘An easy stroll to the top of Lily Fell’ 
On the walk - Mick & Clare, Graham & Irene, Colin & Val, Frank, Roger & Margaret, Ruth, Hugh, Sam & Elaine, Norman

Joining them for lunch - Fred & Jean, Sarah-Jane, Dorothy, John, Gordon

A great turn out on a terrible day. The second day of December, and the weather continued in the same manner as November - wet! Nevertheless 14 members and friends turned out for coffee at Wilfs before braving the weather. It was only drizzle really they told them selves as they topped out on Lily Fell, a suitable top at 182m given the circumstances. Then a quick return to Staveley for a change of clothes, and into the Eagle & Child for welcoming fires and refreshments. What a great pub. 6 more members joined the group to make a total of 21 for the excellent lunch. Great stuff. Thanks to Mick & Clare for the walk.

Setting off from Staveley.

It seemed a good idea to take this photo in front of a shop with an advert saying 'Christmas is coming' but it looks more like an advert for the butchers.
Ascending Lily Fell

On the summit. From left to right: Mick, Norman, Frank, Roger, Graham, Irene, Colin, Ruth, Elaine, Sam, Clare, Val, Margaret.

In the Eagle and Child

From left to right -
On the back row: Sue, Margaret, Val, Norman, Graham, Irene, Clare, Gordon, John, Sarah-Jane, Jean
On the front row: Tony (on the end), Roger, Colin, Hugh - missing, Elaine - missing, Sam, Ruth, Mick, Frank, Dorothy, Fred

The rain continued unabated until the weekend, causing a red alert in Kendal and other towns in Cumbria with rivers. The following photos show some of the situations that arose from the rain

On November 19-20 2009, seathwaite received 314.4mm (12.38 in) of rain in 24 hours which was a record for anywhere in the UK until this month when that record was broken.

A photo from the Cave Rescue Organisation via Rose.

"Malham Cove has a waterfall for the first time in living memory, unless you know different. Photo: Beck Hall Hotel."

Some people have said the first time since the 1700's.

See video here



From Mick: For those planning to drive through the Lakes to get to High House in the near future - don't! This is the road over Dunmail Raise:
Here is the footbridge near Queen Katherine Street, from Jenny Wilson

Following the recents severe weather, Roger & Walter visited High House to check out the access and state of the building. Here is their report -

The hut has come through the storm untouched. The road from Keswick had a “Road Closed” sign which we ignored and followed a standard saloon car up the valley, it had no problems.
There is a small amount of gravel washed out of the track up to the hut which is easy to avoid. (Perhaps some post Christmas exercise for those staying at HH?)
A large branch has blown of a tree at the back of the hut and the old yew in the field to the south of the mens end has blown over.
New stove pipe appears to be water tight.
Track drains are delivered.

Hugh and Mel had a walk up Langdale Pikes in the snow, and were surprised to see only two other cars in the NT car park at 9.45 on a Sunday morning. Was everyone else busy cleaning up after the floods?
Stickle Tarn was very quiet
Approaching the summit of Harrison Stickle
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