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Gallery 2015 - June

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Roger and Margaret took their camper van on a trip round Shetland, and the photos below show some of the sea stacks that they saw. The lighthouse is at Muckle Flugga, the most northerly rock in the British Isles.

The best route up Bowfell must be via the Climbers Traverse and then up the Great Slab.
Camping Meet in Europe - Gran Paradiso in northern Italy 
Clare & Mick, Colin & Val, Kevin & Carol, Hugh and Norman 
Eight members and friends met up at the Lo Stambecco campsite in the village of Valnontey - 1,666m (5,498ft) - just outside the town of Cogne for a great week of walking and climbing.
The village of Valnontey with the camp site just off to the left, looking up to the peak of Gran Paradiso at the head of the valley at 4,061m.
The camp site
A chamois seen on the way up to Alpe Money
The head of the valley from the high level Alpe Money path

The obligatory post walk drink in the village bar.
From left to right: Norman, Colin, Val, carol, Clare, Kevin, Mick, with Hugh behind the camera
Clare in front of one of the superb waterfalls at Lillaz
Val and Clare enjoying the beautiful flowers
In the village of Lillaz looking down the Cogne valley to Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc)
Having lunch outside the Rifugio Vittorio Sella at 2,584m (8,527ft)
Our highest point at 2,656m (8,765ft) with Kevin 'photo-bombing' Norman and Hugh
The village bonfire in the evening to celebrate the feast of S John the Baptist, or San Giovanni as they call him.
Climbing on the slabs at Lillaz
Colin, Val, and Norman crossing the outflow from the blue-green Lago di Loie at 2,354m (7,768ft) overlooked by Punta di Loie. Flowers seen included the fragrant Black Vanilla Orchid, Purple Asters, and Blue Gentians.

Above the Lago di Loie. From left to right: Mick, Clare, Val, Norman, and Colin

Meanwhile, having returned from Shetland Margaret and Roger were enjoying walking on the Pembroke coastal path. Here are some flowers they came across.
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