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Gallery 2015 - March

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Summer Wine Week followed by the Working Weekend

With a very long list of jobs to be done, including the complete refurbishment of the men’s washroom, the Hut Sub-committee asked for a good turn-out for the Summer Wine Week leading up to Working Weekend. The club responded magnificently: the usual group of retired members was augmented by some who had taken time off work to bring their skills to High House.

The Working Weekenders who arrived on Friday night and Saturday morning helped to complete the jobs on what was probably the longest job list in the history of the club. A superb effort by all and the Hut Sub-committee would like to thank all those who worked so hard during these few days.

The biggest job was the refurbishment of the Men's Washroom led by Kevin, with Gavin as his 'mate. Here is Kevin busy tiling the area.
The completed washing area.
And the completed shower cubicle
Meanwhile Alec was busy making the opening into the space below the Men's dormitory into a trap door
How many members does it take to wash down the ceiling and beams? It looks like Carol with Hugh, Joan, and Sue helping.
After sorting out the Women's shower and converting much of the copper pipe work to plastic, Frank and Graham then started tackling the common room window frames.
Helped by Krysia
The club library at High House is extensive and started to overflow the existing shelving. A new bookcase was built especially for High House by Steve Edgar from a larch tree felled by Walter from his garden. The bookcase is beautifully made, a real asset to High House, and now contains the complete K Fellfarers’ library, much of which has been in storage for so long.
Not all jobs were inside. The Leslie Somervell memorial seat has finally been replaced. The old one had been patched and repaired many times but its time had come. The plaque has been cleaned up and transferred to the new hardwood seat shown here.

But of course the main job is drinking tea, something that Fellfarers seem to be very good at. Here they are sharing a break around the fire pit.

Well done everybody!


More snow fell at the beginning of March, but by the middle of the month most of it had left the area, leaving vestiges in the eastern and northern gullies. This is looking up Deepdale towards Greenhow End, with Link Cove on the left with fingers of snow radiating up and out of it.

Hugh and Norman ascended one of the gullies in a last attempt at some winter snow.

This was taken by Norman looking down on Hugh at the start of the gully.

Scottish Hotel meet in Fort William

27 members and guests again enjoyed another splendid five nights in the Alexandria Hotel, doing a variety of Munro's, Corbett's, lower level walks, train rides, and snow climbs. Below are the group on the last evening in the hotel.
From left to right - standing: Hugh, David, Mike Wilson, Clare, Graham, Mike Walford, Irene, Ray Wood, Frank, Steve, Val, Margaret Atkinson, Fred, Mick (behind), Dorothy, Roger, Ray Garnett, Kevin, Tina, Norman
From left to right - seated: Margaret Cooper, Ellie, Sheila, Lynn, Jan, Adele, Jean


The main hill walking group ascended the Corbett Carn Chuilinn above Fort Augustus, and below is the summit photo.

From left to right: Mike Wilson, Frank, Adele, Clare, Irene, Ray Garnett, Mike Walford, Jan, Graham, Norman, Kevin, Hugh, with Mick taking the photo

On the way up



Lunching just below the summit out of the wind.


One Corbett bagging group set off for Meal Dubh above Loch Lochy: another Corbett group drove over to Glenfinnan, whilst Norman and Hugh had a 'rest day' ascending to Coire an Lochain in the Mamores.
Kevin and Ray Wood on the way up Meal Dubh
Kevin on the summit of Meal Dubh
Norman in Coire an Lochain with the Munro Sgurr Eilde Mor in the background


Mick and Kevin planned to do a gully in Coire nan Lochan so Jan, Norman, and Hugh decided to tag along and get in some winter skills training. In the event Jan, Norman, and Hugh climbed Broad Gully whilst Mick and Kevin attempted to solo NC Gully but turned back due to a queue of people, and followed the others up Broad Gully. Both groups joined forces at the top of the gully and ascended Stob Coire nan Lochan


In Glencoe getting ready with Coire nan Lochan behind on the right and Stob Coire nan Lochan at its head.

On the way up.

Norman, Jan, Mick and Kevin (with Hugh taking the photo) gearing up to tackle gullies in Coire Nan Lochan in great winter conditions.

Broad Gully is on the left, with NC Gully in the centre.

Jan, Norman, and Hugh in the far distance at the foot of Dorsal Arete and traversing into the start of Broad Gully
Mick and Kevin approaching NC Gully

On the summit of Stob Coire nan Lochan. From left to right: Norman, Hugh, Jan, Mick, with Kevin taking the photo.
Having fun on the way down.


A poor forecast and a poor morning called for low level walks. Some parked at the end of Glen Nevis and walked through the spectacular gorge to Steall meadow and its famous bridge. Roger walked from Torlundy up to the CIC hut for specular views of the north face of Ben Nevis.
For others, the target was the Graham Tom Meadhoin above Gleann Righ. In the event the route through the forest was too much and the group settled for a walk up and down the valley instead.

Steve, Jean and Margaret crossing one of the burns in Nevis gorge
Rogers view of the north face of Ben Nevis from the CIC Hut.
Another north face view.

Here is the Gleann Righ group setting out from Inchree: Clare, Kevin, Tina, Margaret, Ray, Sheila, Ellie, Hugh, Norman, Jan, with Mick taking the photo.
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