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Gallery 2015 - January

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Annual Glencoe Meet

Mick, Alan, Kevin, Graham, Veronica, James, Mel, Charles, Hugh

The strong winds and rain during the previous week brought down power lines all over Scotland, and the Clachaig chalets were no exception. No electricity also meant no water as the supply is pumped, and all resorted to eating in the unusually quiet bar. Reading was by head torch!

With the strong winds, sleet and rain continuing, most opted for a short walk up the glen at Onich on Saturday, and the power supply had been restored on our return. Here are the group celebrating Hugh's birthday, and the return of the electricity, in the bar at night. Round the table clockwise from the left: Veronica, Graham, Hugh, Mel, Charles, Kevin, Alan, Mick, with James taking the photo.

Club meet at High House - Quiet Weekend

Roger & Margaret, Jean & Fred, Colin & Val, Mick & Clare, Tony & Sue, Graham & Irene (day visit), Val, Hugh, Colin & Ruth, Jon & Helen

It was a case of deja vu for Mick & Hugh as the second weekend running they found themselves with no electricity and no water. Colin, Ruth, Jon & Helen had a great time in the snow on Blencathra in wintry conditions before driving down to High House to meet up with the others.
A power cut somewhere between Rosthwaite and Seatoller meant that a generator had been installed at Seathwaaite farm, but the extra load of the members in High House caused the generator to trip out and all made a visit to the pub for food. The power eventually came back. Three different walks took place on the Saturday. Colin's group walked up to Styhead for a play on the north ridge of Great End - The Band - whilst Mick & Clare, Tony & Sue, Graham & Irene, Colin & Val, and Hugh walked up Eagle Crag in the wintry conditions from Greenup Gill, and onto Sergeants Crag. The others walked to Keswick and caught the bus back.
A further trip of the generator caused more problems, but the power came back in time to cook tea. The evening was spent being regaled by Colin and Fred on guitar.
People drifted off on the Sunday whilst the new crockery was installed in the kitchen, replacing the old mis-matched and chipped ones. All in all, an excellent and memorable weekend in more ways than one!

On the way up Blencathra
A lovely wintry and moody shot along the summit of Blencathra.
On Eagle Crag
On the way down
Back at High House with Colin and Fred providing the entertainment


Tina & Kevin on Brown Cove Crags

Whilst some members were in the snow at High House, Tina and Kevin were trying out a gulley on Brown Cove Crags.

There were plenty of groups out doing the same thing. Kevin thought it "as busy as Kendal Climbing Wall" - perhaps a slight exageration!

Here is Tina on her way up the snow filled gulley, but with ice near the top.
On the wind scoured ridge

Mid-week Train Ride and Walk – Cark to Grange via Cartmel and Hampsfell. 

Fred & Jean, Roger & Margaret, Graham & Irene, David & Jane Robinson, Frank, Mike, Hugh, Sam & Elaine Bracken, Les Ord

Some drove to Arnside and caught the train from there: others from Grange, whilst the Robinsons met us at Cark station. A dull damp day saw the group heading up alongside the River Eea and then onto the Cumbria Coastal Way - though 2 miles from the coast! The word Eea probably derives from the Viking word for eel. The river was named after the large number of eels found in the lower course of the river during high tides at sea.
Deciding not to ascend How Barrow in the snow that was descending, the group turned off the coastal Way and onto minor roads, passing Walton Hall and onto the Cartmel Race Course. After lunch, the route went through Cartmel and up onto Hampsfell where a stop was made in the Hospice. Some members had brought fire lighters, kindling, and wood with them and soon there was a grand fire burning to warm the walkers in the cold damp air. Down through Eggerslack Wood and back to Grange to end a memorable day out.

The group setting out from Cark station. From left to right: Graham, Les Ord, Sam Bracken, Elaine Bracken, Jane, Mike, David, Frank, Irene, Hugh, Jean, Margaret, Roger, Fred with Mick taking the photo.
Strange looking sheep near How Barrow farm which Roger thinks are Manx Loaghtans
Lunch was taken in the wood before the race course, which provided some shelter from the cold wind.
Enjoying the fire in the Hospice
Leaving the Hospice to descend to Grange.
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