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Gallery 2014 - September

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
How unusual is this; a grid reference on a stile? Hugh saw it whilst ticking off some Aran tops in Wales.
The unusual summit of Glasgwm in the western Arans as having a small lake - Llyn y Fign - so near its top.

A great place to stay the night in a camper van is by the toll bridge over the Mawdach estuary at Penmaenpool. A lovely view from the car park, a nearby toilet, and good food and beer at the local pub. What more could you need?

Here is the bridge at sunset on a still night.

Some of the eastern Arans are rather flat and boggy, but not all of them. Here is the view from Esgeiriau looking to the next top of Foel Hafod-fynydd, with the Aran ridge behind, and Aran Fawddwy frowning down.


The view from that ever popular walk, Scout Scar, with White Maiden on the left and Great Gable on the right.



Mid-week Walk - Backbarrow to Latterbarrow.

Led by Mike and Adelle and their new dog share Nell, the group took the bus from Kendal or Witherslack to Backbarrow, where coffee was taken in a church, complete with hymn singing!! Then over to Canny Hill and across the road to take lunch by Simpson Ground Reservoir. Then across the Winster valley and up onto Yewbarrow. The walk ended by traversing Latterbarrow and into the Derby Arms for a drink. An excellent walk with the added bonuses of a tarn for Fred to fish in and increase his count by one, and numerous bridges for Jan and Ruth to increase their bridge counts by.

Below on Yewbarrow, looking to Red Screes in the distance, from left to right -
Clare, Nell the dog, Val, Mick, Roger, Fred behind out of sight, Mike with Sally the dog behind him, Les, Frank, and Adelle.

Weekend walk - Shore Walk
From left to right below: Margaret, Sandra, Roger, Jean, Fred, Tony, with Val taking the photo

Statue in memory of the cockle pickers that died, entitled 'Praying Shell' and by artist Anthony Padgett.

This is one for the 80 bridge's challenge being organised by Jan Lancaster and Ruth Joyce. It is a bridge over the stream that runs by Morecambe Golf Course.

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