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Gallery 2014 - August

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
This sparrow hawk was feeding on a recently caught pigeon right outside Angie and Hugh's house.

Members will be aware that your committee sanctioned a lot of work to improve the fire safety at High House. A major element of this work was to replace the fire escape window in the downstairs dormitory (the men's end) with a fire escape door similar to that installed in the women's wash room.

Roger has now reported that the new door and accompanying window is now in place. Here is the view from the outside.

And one from inside the dormitory. Finishing off is underway!

Val and Steve spent a wet and windy week on the Outer Hebrides.

This is Huisinis Beach and machair on the wonderful Isle of Harris

Steve getting to know the working of a Harris Tweed Loom
The Time & Tide Bell at Bosta Beach, Great Bernera

Mid-week walk - Not the Crooklands Canal Cruise
Clare and Mick Fox, Irene and Graham Ramsbottom, Angie Mitchell, and Hugh Taylor

With the canal cruise being cancelled due to lack of support, the six people, who turned up for the walk decided over coffee to try out the delights of Ireby Fell, and check out some cave entrances en route. Parking at Masongill, the route led up Masongill Fell Lane and onto the Turburry Road

Breaking off the Turburry Road and heading towards Marble Steps Pot, the group walked over this insignificant bridge to add to the 80 Challenge set by Jan Lancaster and Ruth Joyce.

From L to R: Graham, Clare, Irene, Angie, and Mick, with Sally having a drink from the beck

Just before Marble Steps Pot is reached, Rift Pot is seen in the bottom of a large shake hole.

Marble Steps Pot has been descended by many Fellfarers over the years, and here is Mick descending the start of the Gully on a pre-rigged hand line.

Lunch was then taken in the fading sunlight


A lovely walk along North End Scar to the trig point on Tow Scar gave a fine view of Ingleborough
Descending off Hunts Cross, we came across this hut on Westgate Lane. All was revealed when we looked inside - see below.


The hut contains the final resting place of a small red sandstone arch that Andy Goldsworthy took on a journey from Spango Farm in Dumfriesshire, down though Cumbria following an ancient drove route into Yorkshire.  He stopped at twenty two locations erecting, photographing and dismantling the arch each time.  Ten of the locations in Cumbria were derelict sheepfolds and these were restored after the arch had gone.  A book called ‘Arch’ written by Andy Goldsworthy and David Craig about the arch journey is now out of print. The arch can be viewed through a window in the door of the hut at GR 684 749

See here for more info on the arch project, and here for more info on who Toby was..

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