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Gallery 2014 - June

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Evening Walk - a Mooch around Melling

Sandra and Tony Atkinson, Margaret and Roger Atkinson, Sue and Tony Maguire, Val Calder, Mick Fox, Hugh Taylor

One of the good things about the club evening and daytime mid-week walks is being in unfamiliar areas. This walk was typical of that when Sandra and Tony Atkinson led a walk around Melling in the Lune Valley. A walk of contrasting weather moods, it started off with a lovely rainbow, rain in the first part of the walk, and ended with a pleasant evening with lovely light. A drink in the Lunesdale Arms in Tunstall rounded off an interesting evening. Thanks Sandra and Tony

The lovely rainbow on the approach to Melling
In the drizzle with a rainbow behind.
The delectable Hard Tarn in Ruthwaite Cove, the nearest thing the Lakes has to an infinity pool.

Sue Blamire and her family have been out collecting their 80's. She says "Not only did we achieve our 80 ardechois km, but I've also 'collected' 84 poteaux, all done by Weds".

Photos below - "The 80th and first poteaux. First was near gorge de Veroncle in Vaucluse, 80th was at Valos near St Maurice d'Ibie in Ardeche. Thank you to my fellow poteau-spotters who between them helped me get them all! - with Alexandre Dubreuil and 2 others.

Kevin and Mick in the Corrour bothy in the Lairig Ghru.
Mick is now up to 72 new tops in his challenge of 80 new tops this year. Here's new top No.68, Beinn Bhrotain, a Cairngorm Munro, on Monday 16th June
The Shinscrapers are up to 65 routes completed in their challenge of climbing 80 routes this season. Here is Alan leading route No. 65 - Right Hand Slab - a (VS - Vegetated Severe!) Severe on Iving Crag, Kentmere, on Thursday 26th June.

Quiet weekend at High House

11 members experienced good weather during a club weekend at High House, where a variety of walks were enjoyed

Six members caught the bus to Buttermere and walked it back to High House over the Robinson ridge.

Here are Clare and Mick on Robinson

Kevin and Tina on Robinson
Sue and Tony on Robinson
Four members walked around Butteremere instead. Here are Roger, Margaret, Jean, and Fred, with Val behind the camera
Roger, Jean, and Fred enjoying the scramble around Taylor Ghyll Force.
Above Styhead en route for Grains Ghyll - Roger, Margaret, Jean, and Fred, with Val behind the camera
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