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Gallery 2013 - November

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

As with last year, the first snow of the season came in the first week of the month. A spell of heavy rain and hailstone left a sprinkling on the fells.

Right shows two walkers leaving Red Screes for Scandale Pass.

Below is the panorama from Bowfell on the left to Great End on the right.

Side Pike and the Langdale Pikes from Lingmoor.
A trip into the Wad Mines
After planning the trip over the working weekend, Fred and Gavin led a group of members into the Wad mines on the opposite side of the valley from High House on the Saturday of the Remembrance Day weekend. The photo below shows Kevin, Mick, Roger, Fred, Gavin, Margaret, and Ellie getting ready to enter Gills Stage, with Hugh behind the camera.
Gills Stage is shown on the survey below as the top entrance leading to Harrison's Stage which has three or four levels. After exploring these, 50ft of ladders were dropped down the pipe that leads into Waddy Pipe for an explore. The way on is a further pitch, but having no more tackle, the group returned up the ladders, the tackle recovered, and an exit made. Further exploring was carried out in Farey's Stage, requiring an awkward traverse around the edge of the Grand Pipe. Great fun, and a return visit is planned in the future with SRT gear to abseil down the fixed rope from Gill's Stage.

Two photos from Margaret Cooper underground.

At the top of the first pitch. Hugh clipping on, Ellie watching, then Roger and Kevin.

Hugh starting to descend the first pitch on the ladder.

Remembrance Day - Castle Crag

Most members walked over to Castle Crag for the short ceremony.

Right shows the view looking to Derwentwater, and some of the people present.
Below left has Myles Jessop from the Scafell Hotel leading the ceremony, and below right Margaret Cooper (who took the photos) at the summit.

A lovely photo taken on Skye by Margaret Parker of a rainbow and a brocken spectre.
Many ex-K Shoes members will remember the collaboration between K Shoes and Chris Brasher to develop the Brasher Boot, and the many wear tests that ensued. Here is a photo from the Westmorland Gazette showing CB with two friends.
In the upper reaches of Beckthorns Gill above St John in the Vale, on the way to Clough Head. No photos were taken on the Dodds ridge as it was too icy and windy.
Annual ceilidh
Having booked Hugh's band Tumbling Tom for the past couple of years, this year we formed a band from good musicians within the club itself and called it 'Banned from the Fellfarers'. The band consisted of Steve Edgar - bass guitar, Rose East - woodwind, Ruth Joyce - woodwind, Paul East - drums, and Hugh Taylor - melodeon. This was augmented with two people from Tumbling Tom, Steve Tomlinson - rhythm and lead guitar, Les Ord - caller and percussion.
Unfortunately ticket sales were poor and so the ceilidh was cancelled.  Thanks to all those who put in hard work practicing and rehearsing.
The club is sad to hear of the death of Ted Niepokojczycka, a keen winter climber and the father of Krysia & Janet.

Some photos from Mick of the Aran hills in North Wales.
The main Aran ridge from Cyrniau Nodan, taken as the morning mists cleared on Saturday
"The summit of Rhobell Fawr seen from its west top as I descended on Friday afternoon."
"This shot was taken about half an hour later on the descent of the lower slopes: late afternoon sun behind Cadair Idris."
Mid-week Walk - around Lords Lot
The walk was led by our President, Gordon Pitt, and covered the area around Lord’s Lot between Crosthwaite and Crook. An atmospheric day produced these interesting photos from Mick.
An amazing pile of stones on Green Hill, the highest point in Lancashire.
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