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Gallery 2013 - May

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Scottish Small Isles Trip - Muck, Eigg, and Rum
Rose and Paul East, Ruth Joyce, Clare and Mick Fox, Angie Mitchell and Hugh Taylor

The group on the pier at Mallaig: from left to right - Ruth, Paul, Rose, Mick, Clare, Hugh, Angie.


Hugh and Angie arrived on the Thursday in their camper van. After collecting Ruth from the station at Arisaig, all three found a nice quiet wild site looking out to Skye.

Friday: The group boarded the Sheerwater boat from Arisaig for a day trp to Muck. The weather was poor (rained all day) and after a wet sandwich on the northern beach - below left - the highlight of the return was hearing a Corncrake (you can hear what it sounds like here ) and Paul even managed to see it and take a photo - below right. A rare sighting!


Saturday: We all gathered at Mallaig and boarded the CalMac ferry to Eigg. There was just time in the afternoon to walk up Sgorr an Fharaidh (a Marilyn) behind the B&B.

Right is the view from the ridge looking down to the B&B with pods. The B&B is the house at the bottom with numerous vehicles around it, the pods being just visible on the right of the house.

Below left is the view out to Rum across a waterfall with the wind blowing the spray back.

Below right shows the group on the summit


In the evening, we walked a hundred yards down the road and had a meal in a lovely restaurant. The views across to Rum were constantly changing, and at one point crepuscular rays were beautiful.


Sunday: Another wet day! Here are Mick, Clare, and Ruth on the summit of An Sgùrr, the highest point on Eigg at 393m / 1289 ft.

Monday: Amazingly it wasn't raining as we left Eigg on the CalMac ferry for Rum.

Right is the group on the ferry terminal waiting for the gangway to be in place, with An Sgùr prominent behind.

Below left is our first view of Kinloch Castle where we stayed in the hostel. We were amongst the last group of people to stay there as portacabins will soon take its place as a new bunkhouse is erected.

Below right is the communal curry in the hostel.



Tuesday: A day forecast to be good with rain later. Whilst Angie rode a hire bike over to Harris, Rose and Paul attempted the Cuillin ridge hoping to tick off the Corbett Ainshvall, having previously gained the other Corbett Askival. In the event the conditions and times weren't suitable.

Right is Hallival from the summit of Askival

Rose on the summit of Askival

Ainshval and Trollaval from Askival

Paul looking towards Ainshval

Rose on the ridge between Askival and Hallival

Meanwhile Clare, Mick, Ruth, and Hugh walked due west to ascend the Marilyn Orval.

Right are Clare, Mick, and Ruth on the walk in with Orval behind/centre.

Below left shows them on the way up Orval from the Bealach a' Bhraigh Bhig, with the Skye Cuillin in the cloud in the distance, having ascended the lovely Fionchra directly behind,

Below right is the summit shot

Wednesday: The day to return to Mallaig. Mick and Hugh explored the slopes of Mullach Mor, whilst Clare, Ruth, and Angie explored the area around Loch Scresort and had a tour of Kinloch Castle. Meanwhile, Rose and Paul walked the 10 miles return journey to Kilmory.

Red Deer near Kilmory

The beach at Kilmory
Late afternoon saw the return ferry journey to Mallaig, with dramatic clouds and crepuscular rays. Eigg is on the left and Point of Sleat on the right.


Whilst Rose and Paul stopped the night in Onich, Ruth, Clare and Mick, and Angie and Hugh, stayed the night in the charming railway carriage bunkhouse at Glennfinnan, well recommended by Alan Wilson.

Thursday: Whilst the others headed home, Ruth, Mick, and Clare did a nearby Corbett - Sgurr na Utha. Below left shows Ruth standing by an erratic boulder on the way down from Sgurr na Utha, and below right the view of Ben Nevis taken with a lot of zoom from the station car park at Glenfinnan that evening - got to be the best view from a car park anywhere!


Mid-Week Walk - Codale Tarn and Tarn Crag
Roger and Josh Atkinson, Clare and Mick Fox, Hugh Taylor, Norman Bell, Les Ord, Sam Bracken

After meeting up for coffee, eight members and friends walked up to Easedale Tarn with the half term crowds, but left them behind as they proceeded up to Belles Knott. Lunch was taken at the delightful Codale Tarn, before moving on to Tarn Crag and the wind. Then home via the long ridge down into Easdale, before pots of tea on the lawn of the Lancrigg Hotel.

Right shows the route up beyond Easedale Tarn, with the pyramidal peak of Belles Knott in the background.

Below left shows Hugh glad that the next generation of members is coming out on walks, whilst below right shows the group ascending onto Lang Crag with Codale Tarn behind.

The death has been announced of Bob Leakey, the legendary Dales caver. See here for an obituary 
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