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Gallery 2012 - July

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
Ladies Washroom Phase 2

Eight members moved up to High House for a few days at the end of the month to carry out work on the Ladies Washroom Phase 2, plus various sundry other tasks such as gutter fixing on the rear of the building. Phase 1 - completed July 2011 - consisted of temporarily moving the wash basins and installing a new fire escape. Phase 2 consisted of replacing the wash basins and installing in their new homes.
Day 1 was spent stripping the tiles from the right hand wall - below left shows Mick and Roger hard at work -and then cutting wall chasers for the vertical supports - below right shows Roger getting stuck in.

Day 2 was spent fixing the uprights onto the wall - below left - prior to attaching the sink shelf and wooden surround - below right.
Roger and Ali spent a lot of time trying to find the original drain hole at the rear right of the washroom to enable the floor to be cleared of water when required. In the event a new hole had to be created.


Day 3 completed the job of fixing the basins in position and installing the plumbing. Right shows the drains installed and awaiting the hot and cold water pipes.

Well done all for the hard work!

Two weeks on Orkney

Angie and Hugh took their camper van up to Orkney for 2 weeks and had a great time. Some highlights are shown below -
Left: Angie trying to help a guillemot that appeared to be injured. Right: short eared owl on Rousay.



Left: Angie and Sally on the path to the Old Man of Hoy, with the delightful Rackwick Bay behind. Right: Puffin on the cliffs opposite the Old Man of Hoy.


Left: Ward Hill, the highest hill on Hoy and the whole of the northern isles, from Mid Hill the highest point on Mainland. Mid Hill is some 1000 m north of the Mainland Ward Hill which is usually and incorrectly noted as being the highest point.
Right: Sunset over Fleet Bay, north of Dornock, on the way home.

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