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Gallery 2012 - May

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Maesglasau is the highest peak in the Dovey Hills, lying between Dinas Mawddwy and Cadair Idris. The nature of the hills Howgill like appearance can be seen on the right, with the lovely Maesglasau waterfall on the left. The best route ascends to the left of the crag girt hanging valley, and along the skyline seen in the photo to the summit. The best descent, and steepest, takes the skyline on the right of the photo.
Those people ticking off the top need to know that the precise location of the summit is the subject of some confusion. Traditionally, the top at 674m has been Maen Du, which can be seen to the right of the obvious peak, but John and Anne Nuttall claim to have re-measured the summit and say it is at Craig Rhiw-erch some 600m to the west - best visit both!


A beautiful spell of weather in the third week of the month gave some very still mornings. This photo was taken from near Brown Howe looking up Coniston Water.
Bowfell is an excellent hill, and one of the best routes up is via the Band, the climbers traverse, and up the great slab. At the end of the spell of superb weather, the photo right shows three members profiled on the slab, below left shows the scale of the slab, and below right on the summit looking to Crinkle Crags with the low cloud just starting to clear.


Meanwhile, Margaret Parker was enjoying the delights of the island of Canna.

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