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Gallery 2011 - September

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
With many mid-week walkers away in exotic parts such as France and Wales, the turnout for Penyghent was small and select with just 4 members. On a day that threatened and delivered rain early, the group set off from Horton Bridge and walked up the fell side via Bracken Bottom, with a lovely rainbow over Ingleborough. Lunch was taken in the lee of the wind courtesy of the seat in the wall on the summit, but the descent was in the full force of the remains of hurricane Katina. However, the wet and windy weather soon abated and we took a detour to visit Hull Pot where the waterfall was in spate. Thanks to Frank for leading Rogers walk in his absence.
Right shows Clare and Val looking at the rainbow, below left shows Frank with the summit behind, and below right Hull Pot..
High House Working Weekend
Below left - ? and Kevin plastering the new emergency door in the ladies washroom.
Below right - Peter sweeping the chimney.
Middle left - Alan doing something useful, but its not clear what
Middle right - Margaret and Clare cleaning the kitchen
Bottom left - Krysia doing a spot of supervising whilst Mark works as part of the 'heavy gang'
Bottom right - Ray cleaning the men's dormitory.
Climbing/hotel trip to Kalymnos, Greece.

Every year the Shinscrapers travel abroad in search of Hot Rock. This year the Greek island of Kalymnos was the chosen location. Perfect rock, perfect weather, an excellent choice of hotel and brilliant transport gave them a memorable climbing holiday.

Right shows Jason (in the green top) at Dolphin Bay.
Below left is Alan, also at Dolphin Bay, and below right Mick on Arhi Left Wall

Below left shows Clare on way to the summit of Ilias Prophitis, and below right Clare, Alan and Richard on a Kalymnos Via Ferrata

Below left - "The Wild Bunch - Jason, Mick, Richard, Cheryl and Al." Below right - its a hard life.


Congratulations to member Mel Middleton on completing the Glacial Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) and summitting Mont Blanc via the the traverse route under Mont Maudit and Du Taquel. Below are some of the photos that he took during the superb weather that he experienced.


For the ascent of Mont Blanc, Mel said - We went via the Cosmiques route this time staying in the hut and leaving at 2:00 AM. 7 hours up, 5 hours down. Last time I tried via the Gouter route, easier but no good in high winds because of the exposure on the Boissons ridge. The exit from the Aiguille de Midi is the scariest part of the route, the final part of the climb to the Col du Maudit the hardest, providing you don't have gales on Mont Blanc itself!
Descriptions to follow.

The club are saddened to hear of the death of Harry Crone. A member from years ago, he managed to attend the 75th celebrations at High House.
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