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Gallery 2011 - July

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

The July evening walk was led by Peter Goff, and was another interesting stroll through the lovely wooded area around Dallam. Meeting at Heron Corn Mill car park - below left - the 12 members headed off through Beetham, past Beetham Hall, and onto the route of the Limestone Link. Following a break at Fairy Steps to view the ring used to lift the coffins over the escarpment, the way led along to Haverbrack near the Dog Holes pot hole. The route finally led back through Dallam Park, where we examined a lovely old oak tree - below right - and through the ha-ha back to the car park.
A drink in the Wheatsheaf rounded off the evening, and proved once again that though the beer may be good the atmosphere is still that of a hotel.

The July Mid-week Walk was a select affair, with only 5 members meeting up at Broughton Mills to walk the delectable Dunnerdale Horseshoe. Mick led the way up and over Great Stickle and on to Stickle Pike. The photo left shows Mick, Roger, Margaret, and Clare on the summit, with Hugh behind the camera. The horseshoe then turned east and across the gated Broughton Mills to Seathwaite road, before returning down the east side of the valley on mainly unnamed fells. Our time was considerably longer than those returned by both Roger and Mick in their fell running days!
Thanks to Mick for the walk.


Walking in the Moelwyn area of Wales isn't all about deserted slate quarries, and the hills to the west of the Crimea Pass are a good illustration of that with their delightful small tarns and rocky outcrops. The photo below left is from Moel Druman looking towards Ysgafell Wen, with Snowdon in the far distance. Conversely, some walks can't get away from slate. The shot below right shows the view that was revealed from Manod Mawr, with the next top in the middle distance surrounded by that quarry!


High House - Women's Wash Room Improvements - Phase 1.

Mention has been made previously of the proposal to improve the upstairs ('Womens') washroom at High House by building a new shower unit and improving the fire escape. The plan for Phase 1 of this work was to install a fire door at the back of the room to replace the old window as the means of escape, and this was duly carried out at the end of July when 10 members met at High House. Whilst some were lowering the ground outside the new doorway and then started knocking a hole in the wall (below left shows Walter, Peter and Ali) others worked on moving one of the sinks. The new door and its two windows were then assembled on the picnic bench - below right shows Ali, Mick, Alec, Walter and Peter.
By the end of the following day, the door was fixed in place, the outside rebuilt, and the inside rendered ready for plastering.
Right shows Alec admiring the door and window frames, minus door and windows, and below left shows Mick applying the first coat of preservative. Below right shows Walter and Alec relaxing on the inside after completing the work, with Peter looking through the door.
Meanwhile, leaving the others to carry on with the door work, and Kevin and Colin to fit the replacement window frame in the 'mens end', Fred (right) and Hugh continued the 'Time Team' work on the Cowhouse.
Unfortunately, Hugh got over enthusiastic with some brush work and brought part of the wall down on top of some newly uncovered cobbles. Below left shows Walter and Peter surveying the result prior to rebuilding the wall.
Below right shows the newly uncovered area in the top left leading up to the repaired wall, and the improvised yellow tape intended to deter people from straying onto the archeology.
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