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Gallery 2010 - September

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

Alan Wilson and Hugh Taylor enjoyed a week of walking in the Rila and Pirrin Mountains of Bulgaria. A new country for both of them, the week was cloudy on occasions but generally fine and warm. Beer at 50p a bottle was a bonus.
Below left shows Alan en route for Musala in the Rila Mountains.The highest mountain in Bulgaria at 9,748 ft (2,971m) it is also the highest in the whole Balkan region. Below right shows the view from near the summit back down to the Musala Hut and the lovely lake in the corrie.
The superb Pirrin Mountains were much rougher than the Rila Mountains and were part marble and part granite. Bottom left shows Alan in the yellow top working his way slowly along the one metre wide Koncheto ridge. Nicknamed 'The Horse' because of the need by some people to negotiate the ridge by stradling it, there is a wire running along its length for protection. See this link on YouTube for a video of this classic ridge.
Bottom right shows Hugh on the summit of Vihren which at 9,561 ft (2,914m) is the second highest in Bulgaria. In superb weather, there was an extensive view from the summit of not only the Rila and Pirrin Mountains, but also the lesser known Rodopi Mountains and the mountains forming the borders with Greece and Macedonia.

The mid-week walk moved out of of Cumbria to view the fair face of Lancashire in the form of Pendle Hill. Meeting at Barley, 8 Fellfarers ascended to the trig point on the summit before dropping down via Spence Moor and Ogden Clough. Below left shows Jean, Fred, Margaret, Roger, Nancy, Lesley and Joan on the summit (Hugh taking the photo) and below right the view descending via Ogden Clough.

We are sad to announce the death of Walter Dennison aged 95. He was the oldest living member and one of the original members who helped to convert High House from a ruin. His cremation was held on September 23, 2010, and the thoughts of many members will be with Dot his wife and Susan his daughter. There will be a full obituary of Walter in a future Fellfarer.

Regulars at the annual January Glencoe meet may remember the group Black Eyed Biddy playing in the Clachaig bar on a Saturday night. The leading member of that group was Lional McClelland, and he sadly passed away on September 6. See his obituary in the Living Tradition magazine.
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