K Fellfarers - the outdoor club for people in south Cumbria

Gallery 2009 - July

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Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall

In July Mel, Chris, and Hugh went to the Dolomites with Bassetlaw MC and based themselves in Pedraces in the Alta Badia.

Photo on the right is ascending the Via Ferrata on Averau, with a view from the summit below left.

Below right was taken on Punta Rocca which is at the top of the glacier on Marmolada.

The view at the bottom left was taken from Piz Boe, which at 3152m or 10334' is the highest point on the Sella plateau, and second only to Marmolada in the whole of the Dolomites.


Averau Via Ferrata
From the summit of Averau Punta Rocca on the Marmolada Glacier.
from Piz Boe  

When the club first started in the 1930's, very few people had cars or motorbikes, and most members had to travel to High House by other means such as bus, bicycle, and even walking over from Langdale or Thirlmere.
In the spirit of those times, the club organised a meet at High House where members had to arrive by means other than car or motor bike.

The photo on the right shows members traveling down Borrowdale on the open top bus having previously walked there. Below left shows a walking group setting off (note no cars!) and below right a cycling party setting out.




One evening walk was in the lovely wooded area between Arnside and Silverdale. It included the abandoned Middlebarrow Quarry - below left, the feature known locally as the ' Pepper Pot' - below right, and the late14th pele tower called Arnside Tower - lower right.







Photos of the climbing group within the club - the Shinscrapers - at Pot Scar near Settle.
From left to right -
Jason on his first E1