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Gallery 80 Islands Challenge

Greater spotted woodpecker
Kendal wall
The photos below are the ones that have been submitted by members as evidence of them being on the island.


1. New Year at Mick and Clare's on Britain (yes we know, but it gets us off the mark quickly)

2. Mick and Alan, with Hugh, on Lismore
3. Mick on Andressey Island

4. Clare and Mick on Madeira
5. Hugh on Holme Island

6. Hugh, Chris and Mel lunching on the seminary wall on Eilean Banon on Loch Morar
7. Hugh on An t-Eilean Meadhoin on Loch Morar

8. Mel on Eilean a'Phidhir on Loch Morar
9. Chris on Eilean Ghibbi on Loch Morar, whilst Mel and Hugh look on from the boat
10. Hugh on Eilean nam Breac on Loch Morar, with Mel and Chris in the boat, and Norman taking the photo
11. Lynn Whitehead didn't just visit an island, she got married to her husband Tony on one! Here are the happy couple on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
12. Irene & Graham Ramsbottom, and Clare & Mick Fox on Inchmaholme on Lake of Menteith, Stirling.
13. Mike and Kath Palk had a week on Bernary and visited eight islands whilst there. Here they are landing on Skye at Armadale
14. Cath and Mike on Beinn Shleibhe, the highest point on Berneray.
15. Cath and Mike on Benbecula.
16. Mike entering North Uist
17. Cath and Mike on Grimsay - an island between Benbecula and North Uist.
18. Mike on Eilean a Mhorain, a small island just off North Uist, reached by scrambling over rock pools at low tide.
19. Cath on Eilean Floddaidh, reached by causeway from Benbecula.
20. Cath on Uibhist a Deas, looking at the South Uist Hills, from Lochdar on South Uist.
21. Margaret Parker on Kalymnos
22. Margaret on Telendos
23. Margaret on Kos
24. Graham and Irene Ramsbottom went island bagging with their grandchildren in the Dee Estuary. Here is Graham on Hilbre Island
25. Graham and grandchildren on Little Eye
26. Irene and grandchildren on Middle Eye
27. Rose and Paul East had a canoeing trip on Derwentwater and visited each of its four islands. Here is Rose on Lord's Island.
28. Rose on Otterbield Island
29. Rampsholme Island
30. Rose and Paul on St. Herberts Island
31. Penny and Damian O'Sullivan and family, had a tour round the islands around and in the Menai Straits on their way back from the Rhyd ddu weekend, and visited these four.

Here they are on Ynys Môn (Anglesey)
32. Penny and Damian O'Sullivan and family on Church Island
33. Penny and Damian O'Sullivan and family on Ynys Faelog
34. Penny and Damian O'Sullivan and family on Ynys Gaint
One island that we're not including at the mo is this one from Rose which she says is Palm Island on Coniston Water. Because there is some uncertainty as to whether this really is Coniston or Windermere, its being put into limbo for the time being.
35. Margaret Parker on St Michaels Mount
36. Tina Ford on Hawes Howe on Thirlmere
No photo available
No photo available
37. Tina Ford on Deergarth Howe on Thirlmere
38. Margaret Parker on Asparagus Island in Kynance Cove, Cornwall
No photo available
39. Angie Mitchell and Hugh Taylor on Tiree. This is on the summit of Carnan Mor, the highest point on the island.
40. Enid Stilling visited Plum Island in New Hampshire, USA, on holiday after her grandson's wedding.
No photo available

41. Margaret Parker visited Barton Island in the Manchester Ship Canal.

42. Frank Haygarth in Australia No photo available
No photo available 43. Frank Haygarth in South Island, New Zealand
44. Val Calder and Steve Edgar on Coll
45. Mal and Alan Wilson enjoyed a recent trip to Peru and Bolivia during which they visited Floating Island on Lake Titicaca. Here is a photo taken by Alan of Mal with a member of the local Uros Indian community.

Irene and Graham Ramsbotton had a brilliant holiday on Shetland, and added another five islands to the count.

46. Here is Irene on Shetland with some of the locals

47. Irene on Bressay
48. Graham on Trondra
49. Irene on East Burra with West Burra over the bridge
50.Graham on West Burra with East Burra over the bridge
51. Margaret and Roger Atkinson at South Stack on Holy Island, Anglesey

Hughie, Liam, and Luke had a blitz on Windermere in their canoe and collected 8 islands, leaving a few more for other people.

52. Liam and Luke on Crow Holme

53. Hughie and Luke on Maiden Holme, with Luke holding a swan's feather


54. Hughie and Liam on Belle Isle

In 1774 an unusual circular house was erected on the island, which was sold along with the island to the wealthy Curwen family who renamed the island after their daughter, Isabella.

It was known locally as the Great Island or Long Holme and formerly known as Longholm, before its renaming in 1774.

It is currently owned by Harold and Janet Lefton


55. Liam on Hen Holme, with Luke behind guarding the boat
56. Hughie on Lady Holme
57. Hughie on Thompson Holme
58. Luke and Liam on one of the Lilies of the Valley
59. Hughie and Luke on the other one of the Lilies of the Valley
60. Margaret Cooper and Ellie Woodburn visited Piel Island off Walney No photo available

Mel and Chris Middleton had a visit to Kerry with Bassetlaw MC to check out the hills in MacGillycuddy's Reeks amongst others.

61. Here they are arriving at Dublin and claiming Eire

62. Off the coast of Kerry on Valentia Island
63. The club had a water meet on Coniston Water and took the opportunity to visit Peel Island (known as Wild Cat Island to readers of Arthur Ransome) by various dinghys and canoe's.
64. Also on the same meet. Mick Fox visited the "very unprepossessing little blob of land" called Fir Island

Anne and John Peat visited the Channel Islands and included three islands in their stay

65. Guernsey

66. John Peat on Herm
67. John Peat on Lihou

Angie Mitchell and Hugh Taylor spent some time on the Scilly Isles and visited five islands whilst there

68. Rat Island, which is where the ferry from Penzance lands at St Mary's.

69. St Marys, the main island
70. Angie with Sally on St Martins, our favourite island
71. Tresco from the quay at New Grimsby
72. St Agnes, looking towards the sandbar between St Agnes and Gugh island
73. Angie walking on the sandbar across to Gugh

74. Walney Island near Barrow.

Margaret and Roger Atkinson, Helen and Ray Speed, Sandra Atkinson, Val Calder, Tina Ford, Clare Fox, and Alec Reynolds visited as part of Alec's Saturday walk.

Val and Steve spent a wet and windy week on the Outer Hebrides and visited 4 islands. And ok, Harris and Lewis are technically one island in terms of the challenge, but as we're probably going to top our target of 80 we'll dispense with the technicalities.

75. Val on Harris

76. Val on Lewis
77. Val on Great Bernera
78. Val on Scalpay
79. Graham Ramsbottom on Norfolk Island, Ullswater


80. Adelle and Mike Walford on Corsica whilst walking the GR20. This is a shot of the peaks around the Restronica valley.

81. Angie Mitchell and Hugh Taylor on Ile de la Pietra, Corsica
82. Alan Wilson on Aran
Margaret Parker had a blitz on some of the Marilyns on St Kilda, and picked up some islands in doing so.

83. Here she is landing on Boreray in the St. Kilda archipelago
84 & 85. Margaret on Hirta looking at Dun. Both count as she landed on both
Hmm..another island that's rather iffy for inclusion. I don't remember anything in the rules about not including fictional islands, so this is Struay which some of you will know as the island where Katy Morag lives. Should it count?
86. Margaret Parker on Eilean Chaluim Chille which is off Lewis in the Outer Hebrides
87. Margaret Parker on Eilean Ban between Kyle of Lochalsh and Kyleakin
88. Margaret Parker landing on Soay in the St Kilda group of islands

Colin Jennings made a trip to Scotland with his sea kayak and bagged three islands whilst doing so

89. Here is Colin on the Island of Shuna near Oban

90. Colin on Eileen Mundie in Loch Leven

91. Colin on the Island of the Goats near Glenuig

92. Colin then returned home and visited Holme Island on Windermere


Mel and Chris Middleton visit the USA most years to see their son and wife plus grand child(ren). This year they included three islands as well.

93. Mel on Goat Island, Niagara, next to American falls

94. Mel on Luna Island, Niagara, next to rapids on Niagara river
95. Mel on Grand Island, Buffalo, with his grandson James

Rose and Paul East had a paddle around Ullswater in their canoe and landed on three islands.

96. Rose on Wall Holme

97. Paul on Cherry Holme
98. Rose on Lingy Holme

Tina & Kevin Ford went to Loch Ness and visited three islands

99. Tina & Kevin Ford on Ness Island 1

100. Tina & Kevin Ford on Ness Island 2
101. Tina & Kevin Ford on Ness Island 3 - Whin Island
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