K Fellfarers - the outdoor club for people in south Cumbria

Club Documents

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Club Constitution The governance of the club
Membership Application Form Use if applying for membership for the first time. See 'Interested in Joining'
High House Policy Creates a common understanding of the use and maintenance of High House between club members
Club Rules Rules of the club, including High House, together with some 'expectations'.
BMC Insurance - Club Guidelines This document is intended to give assistance to affiliated clubs and their members in understanding the insurance that the BMC provides.
Parent Guidance, and Consent Form Explains to those responsible for children what to expect when visiting High House, and provides advice and guidance to all those staying at High House whenever children are present
Club Archives An outline of what we hold and where
High House equipment list Gadgets and appliances at High House
High House NT Lease Our lease with the National Trust . Not currently available online. See Secretary.
High House NT Booking Agreement The agreement with the National Trust that covers their booking of High House . Not currently available online. See Secretary.